Today it’s practically impossible for any business to operate and be productive without a proper information infrastructure. From the small office to the large corporations, every company is connected. Internet, telephony, internal networking, etc. are all part of the everyday business.

To insure the proper, secure and seamless way of operating within this IT infrastructure is in many cases a task that can become a burden, both financial and logistical. Keeping enough and properly qualified IT staff on premises is not always the smartest and cost-effective solution. We offer our clients a flexible range of services regarding the day to day maintenance of their information environment.

Our staff can provide both software and hardware assistance, from the server to the workstation. This way we can provide a one-stop complete solution, tailored to the specifics of your business. To compliment the standard maintenance tasks, our support engineers make assessments of the current condition of the environment and present solutions for optimization and upgrade.

Smartprint IT team can provide professional support for existing or new information infrastructure. We can provide technical consultation for future projects such as implementing software solutions, connect remote offices, integrate and manage VOIP telephony, relocate offices and production facilities.

We offer a large number of services and solutions but at the end of the day, we have one very simple goal – to offer you a hassle-free and productive environment where you can focus on your product.