ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In short, this is a software system that manages the business. It’s main purpose is to optimize all the processes in a modern enterprise. ERP can fulfil many tasks, normally managed by separate systems – e.g. warehouse management, procurement, financial, HR, manufacturing, development, etc. Combining different systems in around one centralised data system provides a real-time snapshot of the condition of any business. It helps managers on different level and in different departments to better analyse, plan and proactively manage the processes inside an enterprise.

Modern ERP Systems

In the last few years there is a process of evolving ERP into a robust do-it-all system, that can speed up the process of decision making, product development and manufacturing to even higher levels. This is achieved by implementing many modern technologies as cloud computing, multi-platform integration, AI. The modern ERP solutions should be able to work real-time, be accessible from anyone around the world, from any device connected to the Internet. The rapid development of the sector brought in many new players, from startups to well established software companies, which in turn created a healthy competition. That’s why an enterprise that is ready to adopt this technology has a choice of very capable and competitively priced solutions.

In many cases, an ERP system can be integrated with a CRM system to boost client interaction and grow sales. You can read more on CRM in our publication – „What is CRM?

A short summary what can ERP do for your business:
  • Distribution process management
  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Financial data management
  • Employee management
  • Payment and payroll management
  • Automation of standard processes
  • Better planning
  • Faster execution of projects
  • Faster analysis and correction of business process errors

We are currently offering our own integrated ERP/CRM solution, co-developed with our partners at New Generation Software Solutions. It’s an extremely versatile product, completely scalable, depending on the the size and needs of any business. The software is cloud-based, multi-platform solution offering complete freedom of use and great interoperability with 3-rd party software and hardware (fiscal printers, machine controllers, access control, etc.). Contact us to learn more and schedule a presentation.

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